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Easy wall decal fitting instructions below:

Key tips and pointers

  ^  The most important pointer about fitting wall stickers is to be patient, take your time and come up with a plan of fitting, if you do not take your time and try to rush the job then you may end up with a less than satisfactory result. when fitted correctly all our graphics look wonderful!

  ^  If your decal is not sticking to your wall when you are trying to remove the application tape we reccommend soaking the application tape while fitted to the wall, leave the paper to soak for 2 minutes and when you come to remove the application tape the paper will be soft and wont be sticky, this will leave the vinyl stuck to the wall as it is waterproof and the paper application tape will come away alot easier.

  ^  Measure up, have somebody help you, position the decl where you would like it to go before fitting, stand back and take a look, mark and fit.

  ^  If you are still struggling then you must get in touch, we could possibly give you a pointer within 2 minutes that will help you with fitting. there is 4 ways you can get in touch with us:

by direct email
message us through the ebay system
by phone: 01827 68445
by our live support, this is a little chat room which will put you through to us right away where we can send instant messages to each other, just like the instant chat on facebook or aol etc.

Thank you for taking the time to view this page, we hope it has helped you understand (if you did not already) how to use our products.