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 Electronic ignition kits for classic Cars

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MG Electronic ignition AccuSpark

AccuSpark® Electronic ignitions

Wiring Diagrams

Before Installing please read the following information

Please ensure you have the correct kit for your distributor

The Accuspark electronic ignition is designed only for negative ground cars only
Extreme care should be taken not to connect the black wire to any live connection .

Ensure the coil is correctly fitted before fitting your AccuSpark .

Ignition coils will work when connected in reverse , ensure the + terminal is on the live side and the - side goes to the points . Incorrectly fitted reversed coils are the most common cause of failure of the AccuSpark module . Remove the wires from coil with the ignition on and test wires with a volt meter or test bulb refit live wires to + terminal .


Plug black or blue wire from Accuspark into existing wire from coil
Cars May be fitted with a resistor or may have a high resistance ballast wire
For best results connect red AccuSpark™ wire to 12 volt feed before ballast resistor or ballast wire . Red AccuSpark™ wire can also be connected to + terminal on coil
Plug black or blue wire from Accuspark into existing wire from coil