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 We will give you the best offer for CE certified dental units, air compressors, autoclaves, x-ray units, ultrasonic scalers, light curers, air turbine handpieces, intra-oral cameras and apex locaters. Warranty 2 years . Full service after buy . We ship From Europa !

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Dopo aver effettuato l´acquisto su eBay riceverete un´email con tutte le informazioni relative all´ordinedine e alle modalità di pagamento. Potrete pagare con PayPal, Bonifico e postepay; a tale scopo abbiamo indicato tutti i dati bancari necessari. IMPORTANTE: indicate il vostro numero d´ordine come causale di pagamento per una veloce identificazione del pagamento stesso. Attenzione Su alcuni prodotti medicali e' necessario sommare per i clienti Italiani la aliquota IVA del 21 %
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The aim of Zkdental is to offer you products with a similar quality as that of famous brands and to include a money back guarantuee in case you are not content with the product. Zkdental purchases its products directly from the producer and because these products are not linked to expensive brand names Zkdental is able to provide its clients with these products for much lower prices.
Next to the products in stock Zkdental will also provide its clients with special offers every month to which dentists can subscribe due to which we can negotiate the best deals with the producer, a form of group discount.
We welcome all your comments and enjoy to communicate , because thanks to your response we are better able to provide you with your needs.
Zkdental applies a fixed fee to its costprice and we content ourselves with less profite margins. By registering yourself on the website you will be informed by e-mail about our product offers. This method of communication allows us to save money on advertising due to which the prices of the products can be kept as low as possible

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